Dopamine 3 Preview 14

Hi everyone!

Dopamine 3 preview 13 had a lot of issues: it crashed on Windows and for the lucky ones that could start it in Linux, the fonts looked bad. I must admit that this was mostly my fault. The amount of changes that I applied (which included makeing big jumps in versions of web components that Dopamine uses) required more thurough testing. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

Preview 14 is what 13 should have been. It fixes the crash on Windows and fixes the fonts. If you’re still on Preview 12 you don’t have to update to preview 13 first. You can jump right to 14. This is the change log:


  • Added Spanish translation


  • Updated Russian translation


  • Fixes fonts not getting loaded correctly
  • Fixes crash on Windows

Download here.


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